Classic Type

Since its inception, classic decor, presentation and unchanging and can not be imitatedrestaurant in Sultanahmet head shop products, especially the "classic" logo you will see menu is meat-bean-semolina halva flavor, presentation, weight and price, we continueour lines do not change 95 years.

Leader Type

Traditionally our lines, bringing together a new chain, flavor and presentation of modern life requirements special weight being loyal to our principles, affordable options, eachoffering an affordable menus.

Stop Type

Become more readily available to bring the taste of traditional've listened to theirdemands.

Different districts, small-area, low-staffed, without compromising the traditional qualityand taste "buffet" type shops will service. A choice of private and affordable restaurant in "take and go" system, as well as the appropriate package and sandwichcreations "classic" menus can also find different food shops offered.

Meatball Vehicle

Demands on the traditional flavor of the ear has to make more readily available. Differentdistricts, small area, hygienic, fully staffed and equipped at a modern, European quality standards and a floating "Sultanahmet Meatball Vehicle" service began to stand in the form of nostalgia.