Meatballs.. the delicios taste created by the modest combination of meat, salt and bread..

Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi , transformed this typical meal of Turkish cuisine into a tradition of taste and presentation transferred from generation to generation.

We are not sure whether our grandfather, Mehmet Seracettin Efendi, was aware that he was making a decision which would not only effect the four generations of his family, but also would effect to The Turkish Cuisine when he was opening his restaurant 98 years ago.. But we are sure about one thing; Not only for the residents of İstanbul, but also for everybody who come to İstanbul from other parts of Turkey and from all over the world, now "köfte" (meatball) means "Sultanahmet Köftesi" (The Meatballs of Sultanahmet)...

The secrets of The perfect Meatballs are; being benefited from the knowledge transferred for four generations and not to use any additives, but also to serve them traditionally.. The advices of our grandfather, Mehmet Seracettin Efendi have been echoing on the walls of our restaurant for decades and they have been guiding us: