Dear Customers!

We will be celebratating together soon to the 92. anniversary of our establishment..

We, The TEZÇAKIN Family, have started to serve in Ankara too; thanks the power that we gained when the fourth generations took over the flag and restructured our system,..

As "SULTANAHMET LİDER KÖFTECİ" (THE LEADING MEATBALLS RESTAURANT OF SULTANAHMET) chain and Sultanahmet DURAK KÖFTECİ (DURAK "THE STOP" MEATBALL RESTAURANT" we are instituonalized with the knowledge and experience of four generations, and we are getting prepared to serve more people..

The first step of our restructuring Project is to serve -the taste and quality which is very well preserved for 91 years - to more people and to transform some small enterprises that we choose, into profitable enterpriseses under the warranty of our brand.

Every restaurant which becomes a part of SULTANAHMET LİDER KÖFTECİ chain, will serve under the warranty of taste and quality of our company and benefit our 91 years of experience.

The restaurants which are going to be a part of SULTANAHMET LİDER KÖFTECİ chain, will be determined by our team and they will be trained in accordance with our institutional standards; afterwards, they will be managed under the warranty of our brand and their infrastructure, personel management and business management will be improved..

If you are ready to share this tradition transferred from generation to generation, I would like to invite you to join us..

Mehmet S. Tezçakın