The Historical Sultanahmet Meatballs Restaurant – by The Chef Selim

Sultanahmet Köftecisi is the story of four generations whose destiny designed in ıstanbul when Mehmet Seracettin Tezçakın - who was living in Turkmenistan then- came to ıstanbul by coincidence and decided to seek his fortune there.

Secret of the success of the meatballs restaurant -opened by Mr. Mehmet Seracettin in 1920 and ever since became a classical place of ıstanbul in 92 years-; is the modesty, tenacity, respect and love transferred from generation to generation..

Our restaurant which was serving by the name of "Halk Kebapçısı" (The Public Kebab House) in 1936, moved into the present location in 1964 as a result of condemnation.

When the third generation took over the flag in 1976, the "Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi" brand became a global trademark..

Although the imitation of our brand by other restaurants became widespread as the fame of our brand became widespread,; the original "Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi" which is reflecting the hardwork and knowledge of four generations, continues to serve while keeping the inimitable authenticity by the management of our President Mr. Mehmet S. Tezçakın ….

Today, the taste that you enjoy in our restaurant is not only the classical meatball taste; it is blended with 92 years of experience, but also is a tradition and culture which is transferred to the fifth generation..

Turkey and ıstanbul has changed a lot in these 92 years, as the world changed..

What have been remaining unchanged; is the taste of our meatballs and the traditional respect that we show to our customers..